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FUSILLO | multiple seating

The section has been the starting point, when, managing a rotation of the three-pointed star - an ideal rotosection - the project has declared its identity:

a kind of living being.

It is something conceptually in movement to the infinite, an organic shell which encourages the human relationship, instead to emphasize the individual:

a ‘social’ boundary that offers the possibility to be connected with "others" becoming ‘multiple seating’.

dim. 282x116xh100 cm


red dot_singapore.jpg



URBAN | bench

The instrument selected to communicate the idea, the orange-film incorporated inside two sheet of PMMA, appears as a metaphor of the contemporary city life; the ‘curtain’ used on the construction site, applied on the bench design,

it becomes synonymous of something changing, a provocative action to declare an urban symbolism.


The outline was inspired from a suggestion:

a kind of ‘animal’ resting lightly on the ground,

a strong image in which the surface pattern engage the principal role using the shape as a vehicle.

dim. 256x90xh38.5 cm



CLIP | coffee table

Probably a ‘sign’ easy to remember, a simple form thought for a typical lounge area.


The gesture’s identity have to be found inside the organic approach of the design, inside a mutual exchange between shape and technology, both of them managed on the same principle: basic design.

dim. 39.5x41.5xh30 cm



TRAMPO | bench

Balance and symmetry are the key words of the project. While the essential language of the form could perceived combining two pieces facing each other, the single item show its lightness connecting slim section with outstanding length.


A kind of springboard is the final point, an ironic ‘landmark’ used to explain an apparent instability of the shape with an extreme strict outline allowed by the inner aluminum structural frame.

dim. 185x55xh43 cm




An object to bring gentleness during the day and during the night, thin as a sheet of paper,

but flexuous and geometric at the same time.

Outlined using a light material, it shows an essential language which explains the identity of the project: easy to recognize and functionally efficient, thanks to the chromatic double-face applied the configuration can be completed by a PMMA  flower removable vase.

dim. 50x31xh5/15 cm



APEIRON | artwork

In response to the exhibition theme ‘house sweet home’, àpeiron can be considered one of the numberless possible balances, a personal projection of the home, variable idea and formal ‘interpretation’ for an absolute concept free from any tie.


The composition explores the 'modules' conceiving never-ending possibility to representing 'homes', one to everyone, of our changeable balances. Solid olive wood was selected as ‘warm’ material, the smell of sun and the fibre’s tidy power as musing carriers.

TYP. dim. 27x28xh20 cm



N.E.O. | artwork

N.E.O. means Natural Evolving Object, one of the infinite macro perceptions of the reticular structure of matter that it becomes a real three-dimensional object with multiple and 'socially oriented' functions.


The manifesto of an innovative polymer resulting from the designer's experience, a leap within the innumerable molecular models that develop during the mutation of matter before it becomes real.


Developed with the support of ALPAS S.r.l., the material used is technological advanced and multi-ECO

(ecological + economical) at the same time.

dim. 120x104xh40/55 cm



Hannover | Germany


WHILE | armchair

A kind of declaration to describe the ‘armchair shaping’ composed by few elements easy to recognize and located in our memory.


A sort of ‘3D frame’ supports the real seat side using a language that prefer to taking off material instead to add, an essential appeal kept in balance from the thin section of the metal part. Details as translator of design grammar, then materials & manufacture as leading actors.

dim. 61/71.5x68xh46/81.5 cm


australian award.png


red dot_essen.jpg

Sydney | Australia


Essen | Germany


LANDO | pouff

It is a kind of tribute to an industrial object for founding, usable side by side and stackable.

These are the main functions of the low seating, created for conference area or exhibition space, offering the possibility to sit in unconventional way:

a sort of Unidentified Flying Object

suitable in every  ‘public location’.


PP material originally used for ‘building’, can be considered strong enough also for furniture.

dim. 72x72xh42 cm



NIVO | stool

A chiselled shape with ‘fluid influences’: that is the project inspiration. A conceptual declaration to lose the monolithic sense of the outline, digging the 'block' with a soft sign and changing the status of the perception toward a mass with no weight.


The concrete finishing is the final tribute

to the Sardinian artist Costantino Nivola.

dim. 42x37xh60 cm




GALANTE |dish for food

It is a reversible dishforfood to taste from appetizer until the dessert, always using the same plate, becoming it an alternative to the historical "trilogy" plane-bowl-dessert therefore suggesting "another manner" to enjoy the food.


Sum of research, design and culinary art, it is a single object instead of three, permitting also to save 35 % storage space inside the kitchen.

dim. 29x31xh4 cm



Chicago | USA



self container

It is a project dedicated to the

"sense of order" and typologically a sort of podium, allowing an easy management of the contained items.


Designed with revolving partitions,

it’s been developed taking in consideration every single movement of the people around it, thinking to make simple and intuitive each users operation: objectified.

dim. 36/57x36/57xh95 cm



OTIUM | display & partition

It is an innovative furnishing element conceived to re-design internal spaces and having multiple functions. It can be a display, but also a "space manager" creating a recognizable environment.


Moving every single lateral wing makes possible to reach an unlimited number of configurations, arranging common spaces such as lounges or waiting areas

and becoming it "space partition".

dim. 90/230x96xh200 cm


  • YouTube - Bianco Circle
red dot_singapore.jpg

GALA | concept shoe

A 'concept-device’ that show its identity using an ‘organic’ and ‘fluid’ language, a choice that looks like an unrolled ribbon. Figure and name, as double meaning, flow in a single thing, while the twisted shape express the inside and the outside matching two colors.


From another side, the word gala - an available ribbon's synonymous - define one of the multiple ‘use’ of the shoes: a night at the opera.

dim. 9.5x27.5xh8 cm

(EU size 9)





NINA | baby cot

Swinging, as the sweetest first memory.

An item designed considering the human sense of protection, an organic shell for comfortable rest.


It can be portable and table-top too, then, just removing the colored toon-stars located on sides,

it becomes convertible and “rocking” at the same time.

dim. 85x53xh57 cm



INFOLIO | lighting dress

The project wants to investigate the double life of a lighting equipment: during the day, when the leading actor is a thin sheet of ‘wood’ and during the night, when the emotion of the light combined with its shadow create the real atmosphere.


The wood support and the cuts made on its nature - the veins - discover the identity of the item, designing the light.


The fluorescent tube-lighting system is the source, while the wood veneering is the soul of an ancient icon: the lantern.

dim. 32x3.5xh60 cm


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